Past events

Elsing Hall

Thursday 23rd June, 2016


On Thursday 23rd June over 100 members spent an enjoyable afternoon in the gardens at Elsing Hall. Thunder and rain were all around but Elsing was blessed with fine weather. The roses in the walled garden were in full bloom and the cascades along the walls and over the trees were wonderful. In particular Pauls Himalayan Musk over an old Medlar, which was completely hidden with the blossom.

The stew pond at one side of this garden led round to formal topiary and then onto a view of the beautiful manor house and overflowing beds and gardens on both sides of the moat. Interesting sculptures were placed around the grounds and the Lonicera mound, made from spoil from the moat, invoked great amusement from the sight of people sitting ’on top’.

Tea and cake was much appreciated after the stroll around the 20 acres. The clicking of cameras at every turn proved how photogenic this place is.

Jenny Dyer

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Photos by David King and Jenny Dyer