Notes for your application

The NGT Trustees have allocated a grant fund from part of the legacy left by Mr and Mrs Tate to the Trust. The fund is to help projects concerning important parks and gardens in the County, both large and small.

The grant may be awarded towards the cost of one or more of the following:

a) A survey or environmental assessment covering physical, horticultural, botanical, archaeological or historical aspects

b) A management, development, restoration or conservation plan

c) Restoration or conservation works

d) The creation of a new garden

e) The restoration of appropriate garden ornaments or statues

f) The preservation or restoration of documents associated with any of the above or with an important person who has been concerned with Norfolk’s parks and gardens

g) A project satisfying the educational objectives of the Trust

Any site involved must be in Norfolk and must be or become a public amenity and must support the aims of the Trust as stated in the Trust’s constitution. In addition it should fulfil one or more of the following criteria:

a) Contain a feature of special importance to Norfolk which it is desirable to preserve or restore

b) Have high historic, scenic or horticultural value

c) Be associated with a building of particular architectural or historic interest

d) Be of educational value

Terms and Conditions of Grants

Any grant will be subject to the following conditions as appropriate:

a) A member of the NGT Committee will visit the site before any grant is approved

b) Proof of any planning approval or listed building consent will be required before a grant is approved

c) A grant must be claimed within twelve months of the date of its approval unless otherwise agreed

d) The recipient must notify the NGT of start and completion of the project and provide receipted invoices or other supporting documentation where relevant

e) The NGT expects to be recognised by the grantee in an appropriate way and allowed to include details in the Trust’s publicity material

f) For capital projects preference will be given to applicants who can show matched funding

g) There must be a proven secured future for the project

h) The applicants must be willing to share their relevant accounts with the Trust

If you wish to apply please contact the Trust’s Honorary Secretary:

Contact Maureen Kimbley

A copy of these notes can be downloaded here

Grant Applications